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Use of Two Sampling Containers

Released on Jul. 12, 2018

The closed sampler can be applied to the sampling process of liquids, gases, and liquefied gases. The closed sampling device provides two sampling containers: glass bottles and stainless steel cylinders.

When the glass bottle container is sampled, the sample is taken out of the process and placed in a glass bottle with a cap and a gasket under atmospheric pressure. When sampling, the glass bottle is inserted into the shield. The gasket of the bottle cap is pierced by the needle, and the sample flows into the bottle. The air and gas in the bottle are discharged through the venting needle. When the required amount of sample is taken out, the operator stops the sample from flowing into the bottle, and then removes the glass bottle from the shield. At this time, the gasket of the cap is automatically sealed to achieve the effect of closed sampling.

When the stainless steel cylinder is sampled, the sample is taken out of the process and placed in the container under process pressure. The composition of the container includes a cylinder with a needle valve and a quick connector at each end. When the cylinder is connected to the sampling position, it becomes a set of samplers. When sampling, the sample will flow through the cylinder. When the sample is liquefied gas, a certain amount of liquid will flow into the constant volume buffer bottle to determine that the cylinder is partially filled, the operator closes the needle valve of the cylinder, and then the quick connector The residual gas is depressurized, and the gas is discharged from the exhaust end. At this time, the cylinder is separated from the sampler to complete the sampling.

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