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Spare Parts

NOVA Valve have technical experts worked in the fluid control industry above 10 years, precision machinery processing equipment, high responsible operator, and perfect inspection equipment. NOVA Valve guarantees that the spare parts provided meet the quality requirements of our customers. NOVA Valve can provide the following services about spare parts: 

1)A single control element in a supplied sampling system; 

2)Parts of supplied valves, such as disc, stem, packing, gasket, flange, fasteners, including a new valve. 

3)Other parts manufactured according to customer drawings.

Before you contact us:

Please have the following information when you contact us, to help us serve you faster: 

1)Your PO Number or NOVA Valve sales order number, and the item number which the valve was purchased in the contract scope. 

2)The NOVA valve drawing or figure number, including the part name, part number, part material and quantity. 

3)Any additional information from the valve’s nameplate.

Spare parts services: 


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