Gas Samplers
  • Gas Samplers

Gas Samplers

Pressure Rating: 103bar@20℃

Temperature Range: -17℃~260℃

Cylinder type: 500cc cylinder

The use of conventional representative samples is very advantageous in terms of time savings, and formulation changes can be made quickly to maintain the desired response.


The traditional sampling method is rather rough and rudimentary. They include open valves that have been allowed to flow into the waste water discharge line to remove any old products, and then the flow is representative enough to sample. Or sample and discard before taking the second representative sample. These traditional methods can create a lot of costs and can be detrimental to the environment. Operator exposure is also very important and may require the use of expensive safety equipment and clothing. By using a representative sample, the operator only needs to obtain the sample volume required to perform the test, which typically can be only a few milliliters. This means that the sample media used to handle the additional cost savings is much less.

Design Feature

Sampling independent of process conditions

Representative sampling

Fixed volume sampling

Closed sampling

One handle operation

Lockable handle

Optional Valves: Swagelok, Parker, HY-LOK and so on.

Notes: NOVA VALVE FLOW can customize the production according to customer's drawing.

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