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The Role Of Closed Sampler In Environmental Protection

Released on May. 22, 2019

The pollution of the environment is getting more and more serious. The government and enterprises have also delivered a very large manpower and financial resources for the treatment of water pollution. Many chemical companies, considering the cost, often use a fine needle to penetrate the diaphragm for sampling when sampling. This is not only unsafe, it is not environmentally friendly, and the night can be seen everywhere. As a Liquefied Gas Samplers Supplier, we recommend using a closed sampler for sampling.

Liquefied Gas Samplers

For samplers with different sampling procedures, not only is the seal safe. The closed sampler reduces the size of a sampling valve through the original sampling port, and through the repetition and sampling function, it not only increases the cost of the device. For toxic gases or liquids that are difficult to destroy, we use as much as possible to reduce the toxic substances to the environmental protection requirements through the attachment and dilution devices.

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