Liquefied Gas Samplers
  • Liquefied Gas Samplers

Liquefied Gas Samplers

Pressure Rating: 103bar@20℃

Temperature Range:-17℃~260℃

Sleeve type:60cc/250cc sleeve

Sample chamber: 50cc.


The costs involved in processing the effluent and processing excess sample volume are becoming more and more expensive. Government legislation is more rigorous and more environmentally conscious than ever before. A sufficient amount of sample can be taken as needed to save these expensive reprocessing costs. NOVA also offers our sampling system to reduce and prevent uncontrolled spillage and contamination during the sampling process.

Operator safety

Process samples have many types of potential hazards to operators; samples can be very hot, corrosive or toxic, or all three. Operators must not be exposed to these hazards. We can provide sampling solutions to protect operators from these hazards. This usually means that expensive safety equipment and personal protective equipment such as breathing equipment are no longer needed, and these equipment may take a long time to put on and use.

Design Feature

Sampling independent of process conditions

High pressure and vacuum applications

Representative sampling

Fixed volume sampling

Closed sampling

One handle operation

Lockable handle

Activated-charcoal adsorber

Spring return handle

Sample cooler

Optional Valves: Swagelok, Parker, HY-LOK and so on.

Notes: NOVA VALVE FLOW can customize the production according to customer's drawing.

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