Liquid Samplers
  • Liquid Samplers

Liquid Samplers

Pressure Rating: 103bar@20℃

Temperature Range:-17℃~260℃

Sleeve type:60cc/250cc sleeve

Customer processing batches are often complex and costly to produce, quality and purity standards are set very high, monitoring reactions are monitored, and processes are changed as needed to maintain consistency.

The movement takes only a few hours to a few days, and the chemist needs to be able to confirm that the reaction is complete before proceeding with the reaction or emptying the reactor and completing the process. Collecting samples throughout the process cycle or at the end to confirm the correct formulation is important to ensure that the final product is within limits.

The use of conventional representative samples is very advantageous in terms of time savings, and formulation changes can be made quickly to maintain the desired response.

Design Feature

Sampling independent of process conditions

High pressure and vacuum applications

Representative sampling

Closed sampling

Activated-charcoal adsorber

Spring return handle

Sample cooler

Optional Valves: Swagelok, Parker, HY-LOK and so on.

Notes: NOVA VALVE FLOW can customize the production according to customer's drawing.

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