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Stainless Steel Valves are Widely Used

Released on Jul. 09, 2018

The development of modern chemical industry, agricultural production and daily life are inseparable from stainless steel valves. Currently, stainless steel valves on the market are widely used in chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, paper, mining, electric power, liquefied petroleum gas, food, pharmaceutical, water supply and drainage, municipal, mechanical equipment, electronics industry, urban construction and other fields.

It can be used to control the flow of various types of fluids such as water, steam, oil, gas, mud, various corrosive media, liquid metal and radioactive fluid. The working pressure of the valve can be from 0.0013MPa to 1000MPa. - 269 ° C ultra-low temperature to 1430 ° C high temperature.

In today's industrial production, many industries are inseparable from the use of stainless steel valves. For special industries such as chemical, mining, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical, industrial, etc, because of the special nature of their work, stainless steel valves are inseparable. As the demand for stainless steel valves in pipelines is further enhanced, its use has continued to enter the field of vision of more people. In the era of its ever-expanding use, stainless steel valves have a good working market. Stainless steel valves are widely used in these fields, especially in the wear and rust prevention advantages.

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