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What Is The Use Of Liquid Samplers?

Released on Mar. 05, 2019

What is the use of Liquid Samplers? Today, Custom Sampling Systems Supplier will tell you the answer.

1. Firmly ground one end of the anti-static sampling rope, and the grounding point must not have insulating paint. The other end of the antistatic sampling cord is firmly connected to the liquid sampler.

2. Touch the tank with your hands before sampling to eliminate static electricity.

3. Drop the Bottom Liquid Samplers to the bottom of the container at a speed of no more than 1 m/s. When the bottom sampler bottom valve touches the bottom of the container, the bottom valve opens and bubbles appear when the oil enters. When there is no air bubble, the bottom sampler is proposed, and the sample is transferred to complete the bottom sample collection. After the sampling is completed, the bottom sampler is wiped and stored.

Note: When proposing, the bottom sampler should not touch the metal oil tank as much as possible to avoid electrostatic discharge; the liquid sampler, anti-static sampling rope and grounding point must be firmly connected during the whole sampling process to smoothly remove static electricity.

Liquid Samplers

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