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Common Sense Of Sampling Systems

Released on Feb. 27, 2019

Samples obtained from the process piping or reactor should truly represent the specific components of the program, without contamination. Contamination of the sample may result in incorrect evaluation results and other procedural issues. Contamination of the sample may be caused by reaction with the surrounding environment, but more commonly their traces of previous samples are towed away within the sampling method. NOVA's range of Sampling Systems has many design features to overcome contamination problems and provide important representative samples for the first time each time.

1. Benefits

The traditional sample shooting procedure is quite primitive and basic. The Liquid Sampling System includes an open valve that allows flow into the waste water vent to remove any obsolete product before the flow agent is sufficient to produce a sample. Or just take an initial sample and peel it off until another representative sample is taken. These standard methods generate significant costs and may be environmentally friendly. Operator vulnerability is also important and may require the use of expensive safety equipment and clothing. By using a representative sample, the operator only needs to spend the number of samples required for the evaluation, which is usually only a few milliliters. This means spending less on sample sites to eliminate the extra cost. 

2. Environment

The costs involved in treating sewage and processing undesired sample volumes are now becoming more and more expensive. Government legislation is more restrictive and places more emphasis on the environment than ever before. Only a sufficient amount of sample is needed to save on expensive rework prices.

Liquid Sampling System

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