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Technical Indicators And Classification Of Instrument Valves

Released on Feb. 25, 2019

Instrument Valves are generally made of stainless steel. It is mainly a pipe fitting. As its use continues, it is mainly used to change the direction of the passage section and the flow of the medium. Better effect, and sealing is its most important technical performance index. Under normal circumstances, it is necessary to pay attention to three aspects when sealing. The first aspect is the contact between the opening and closing parts and the valve seat, and the second aspect is the packing. The third aspect is the connection between the valve body and the valve cover.

Instrument Manifold Systems can be divided into two types according to different braking methods: automatic valve and automatic valve (safety valve, pressure reducing valve, steam trap, check valve, automatic regulating valve); driving valve, driving valve can also be based on Different power sources are divided into (electric valve, pneumatic valve, hydraulic valve, pneumatic valve, electric valve) and manual valve.

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