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Working Principle And Fault Repair Of Globe Valve

Released on Feb. 21, 2019

The shut-off valve, also known as the operating valve, can be subdivided into a two-way shut-off valve and a three-way shut-off valve.

The Forged Steel Globe Valve is installed on the liquid and air pipe side of the outdoor unit piping and consists of a positioning adjustment port and two mutually perpendicular pipes. One of the pipes is connected to the liquid pipe (air pipe) side of the outdoor unit, and the other pipe is connected to the pipe on the side of the indoor unit through a flare nut (or welding). Today, Globe Valve Manufacturer will come to tell you about the related common sense.

1. Working principle

The so-called three-way stop valve has one more inspection port than the two-way stop valve, which provides convenience for overhauling the air conditioner.

There are two kinds of three-way stop valves. One is a three-way stop valve with a valve pin in the service port. It consists of a pipe connection port, an adjustment port and a maintenance port. The four ports are perpendicular to each other.

If the valve stem is moved down to the closed position, the piping is disconnected from the outdoor unit piping; and when the valve stem is moved up to the open position, the two connecting lines are open regardless of the switch position of the valve.

The other is that there is no valve pin in the service hole, it has two zigzag horizontal connection pipes, one adjustment port and one maintenance port.

The shape of the lower part of the stem is different from the tapered circumference of the former shut-off valve, but is a flat spherical shape. There is no valve pin in the service port of this type of valve, and the flared nut with built-in brass cover is tightly sealed.

2. Fault repair

The failure of the shut-off valve is mostly a leak failure. The leakage mainly includes the following three situations:

1. The valve core leaks

The causes are mostly due to problems such as insufficient temperature protection during welding, excessive system impurities, and damage to the seal itself.

2. Threaded silk

The shut-off valve is connected to the indoor and outdoor pipelines, and the thread connected to the sodium of the bell mouth is too strong to cause the slippery wire during installation.

3. Valve core leakage

The welding is not in place, and the quality of the valve core itself is not closed, which causes it to leak.

Generally, if the bonnet on the valve core is tightened, it can prevent leakage. If the valve core leaks too much, the operating valve must be replaced.

The shut-off valve can be used to find leaks by soapy water leak detection during leak detection, and there is basically only one repair method for the fault, that is, replacing the Cast Steel Globe Valve.

Straight Pattern Globe valve

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