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The Use And Application Of Instrument Valves In Different Places

Released on Mar. 12, 2019

1. The use of Instrument Valves in different places

The instrument valve is used in a place where there is no electricity or gas, and it also saves power. Ball valve is an ideal energy-saving product. Instrument Manifold Systems is widely used for the pressure and stability of steam. It is also suitable for non-corrosive gases, low-viscosity liquid medium decompression regulator (post-valve) or pressure relief regulator (valve Automatic control of the front). The pressure setting period can be adjusted freely within a certain range.

2. Instrument valves are widely used

Instrument valves are widely used in textile spray, fire extinguishing, aerospace, military and other industries to automatically switch and remotely control the liquid and other media in high-pressure pipelines. It is an indispensable actuator in the automation control system.

Instrument Manifold Systems

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