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The Difference Between Liquid Samplers And Gas Samplers

Released on Mar. 26, 2019

As a company that produces the Liquid Sampling System, let's explain the difference between Gas Samplers and Liquid Samplers.

As a kind of sampling equipment with high integration and safety, the liquid sealed sampler has been widely used in many industries such as petrochemical, fine chemical, pharmaceutical and coal. Compared with traditional manual sampling, the advantages of closed sampling are more prominent. The traditional manual sampling is open sampling. During the sampling process, the sample is in contact with the outside world, and the purity of the sample cannot be guaranteed. The open sampling is also very dangerous to the operator. The operator is basically protected without any protective measures during sampling. Volatile toxic and hazardous substances, high temperature or extremely cold substances can easily cause damage to the operator. The appearance of a closed sampler solves the above two problems, and its advantages do not stop there.

The closed sampler is divided according to the sampling medium, and can be mainly divided into Liquid Samplers, Gas Samplers, and gas-liquid mixed sealed samplers. The liquid sealed sampler is mainly composed of an operation box, a flange, a tube valve member, a pressure gauge, a sampling module, a protective cover and a sampling bottle. The valve parts of each tube are connected by a ferrule, the ferrule connection is convenient to disassemble, the pressure is high, the maintenance is simple, and the welding method is more flexible and practical. There are many forms of Liquid Samplers, which are not subdivided here. The liquid-tight sampler in the conventional form is taken as an example to explain its working principle in detail. The following picture shows an example of a Liquid Samplers with a nitrogen purge and a steam tracing. This closed sampler uses a valve tube design behind the panel. The benefit of this design is that the operator and valve fittings are made of stainless steel. The operation panels are separated to reduce damage to the operator due to leakage, high pressure and high temperature. It is representative that the medium enters the sampling system from the inlet flange and flows back from the outlet back into the system to keep the sample inside the sampler fresh. After the cycle, the three-way valve is opened to the sampling file for sampling, and the liquid level in the glass bottle is observed. After the sampling amount is reached, the valve is closed. The nitrogen valve is opened for purging. During the purging process, the residual liquid is blown into the glass bottle, processed by the gas adsorption tank, and discharged to the vent line or the designated treatment line. After purging, the glass bottle is pulled out from the double needle on the sampling module. The sampling bottle has a special sealing gasket. After the sampling bottle is pulled out, the self-sealing effect can be achieved without any leakage.

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