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What Are The Precautions For Using Gas Sampling System?

Released on Mar. 22, 2019

There are still a few things to be kept in mind when using the sampler to ensure safe use. I believe many people want to know the specific precautions when they understand the gas-tight sampler. As a Cylinder Gas Samplers Exporter, we can introduce them one by one. It mainly includes the sampling method and some process aspects of the operation. We will systematically explain the value of the sampler.

Note 1. When disassembling the sampler, pay attention to the temperature of the outer wall of the sampler. It is recommended to wear gloves to prevent burns or frostbite. We can know the operation mode when using it. It is the best, it can be used according to the specific situation, and can not easily contact the gas to the skin to prevent some bad effects, it is best to avoid inhaling steam.

Note 2. I believe many people know the safety performance of Gas Sampling System when they know it. It is necessary to check the whole joint and tightness before use. These can be understood more clearly in the actual choice. We can all know if it is reasonable, and prohibit high temperature or sun exposure during specific use, and need to store at the right temperature.

Gas Sampling System

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