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Five Features Of Liquefied Gas Samplers

Released on Mar. 18, 2019

Liquefied Gas Samplers consists of two air pumping systems that are independent of each other. They can collect two gas samples or collect balanced samples at the same time. They can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, construction, casting, power and environmental monitoring, sanitation and epidemic prevention. In other departments, the sampler has the advantages of electronic timing function, compact rhythm, small size, stable and reliable performance, etc. It is an ideal product in domestic atmospheric samplers. Then Customize Sampling Systems Supplier will explain to you.

(1) Double advantages: The measuring tube for measuring gas is actually a chemical analysis method, which is a quantitative, qualitative and fixed value detection method, which has the dual advantages of chemical analysis and instrumental analysis.

(2) Simple operation: It provides great convenience for professional inspectors, and the operator can test according to the operation method of the instruction manual.

(3) Safety of use: Manual operation during use, no need for power supply, heat source, safe use in places where flammable and explosive gases exist.

(4) Fast analysis speed: Due to the convenient operation, the time required for each analysis is greatly shortened. Generally, it takes only ten minutes to know the result, and the analysis speed is unmatched by any chemical analysis and instrument method.

(5) High measurement accuracy: The on-site analysis conditions were simulated on the determination of the test tube content scale, and different standard gas calibrations were used to overcome the method error that is easy to bring in chemical analysis. At the same time, human error is reduced.

Liquefied Gas Samplers

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