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Working Characteristics Of Gas Samplers 1

Released on Apr. 23, 2019

As a Cylinder Gas Samplers Exporter, let's talk about the working characteristics of a gas-tight sampler.

The gas-tight sampler is based on on-line sampling. In order to improve sampling safety, convenience, reliability and reliability, various functional components are added to suit various working conditions and various types of sealed media. The main ones are:

1. A bypass valve is provided to control the flow direction of the medium to perform independent actions such as circulation, collection, condensing, and venting of the medium sampling;

2. In order to ensure that the sampling medium is fully filled into the sampling cylinder, the inlet and outlet of the sampling medium must have a certain positive pressure difference (minimum 0.01 MPa). If there is no positive pressure difference, a safe and reliable pneumatic pump can be used to circulate the liquid.

3. In order to ensure the accuracy of sampling, set the filter, condensate, vent, and flare port, and drain the residual liquid and gaseous materials in the Gas Samplers pipeline. Set the valve, pressure gauge and thermometer before the venting port and venting port to ensure the operability and safety of the discharge;

Gas Samplers

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