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Working Characteristics Of Gas Samplers 2

Released on Apr. 29, 2019

As a Customize Sampling Systems Supplier, we continue to analyze the working characteristics of the gas sampler.

4. For the sampling medium where the gas and liquid two phases coexist, pipeline filter and separator can be set to separate to ensure the purity of the collected medium and the accuracy of sampling;

5. If the high temperature (low temperature) medium is sampled, it needs to be cooled (heated) to room temperature around 20 °C. The sampler is equipped with a cooling (heating) system to facilitate the sampling operation and ensure the safety of the sampler.

6. Set the fire extinguishing port and static grounding parts to prevent explosion and fire, and ensure the safety of the tank area;

7. The gas-tight sampler can add a buffer tank (or a collector), a quantitative tank, and a time controller to achieve safer and faster sampling; simplify the operation procedure and improve the automation of sampling;

8, according to user needs can be built-in multi-point floating or fixed-point sampling internals, can achieve multi-point, fixed-point, homogeneous closed sampling;

9. In order to ensure a strict and homogeneous sealed sample, a stirring device or mixing equipment can be added.

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Chemical Closed Sampling System

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