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What Factors Need To Be Considered When Using Gas Samplers?

Released on Jan. 09, 2019

Gas Samplers can be used in the sampling of liquids, gases, and liquefied gases.

Since the fully enclosed sampling system is a different purpose from the valve for fluid control operation of the process pipeline, and the analysis of the online fluid analysis instrument has different time and operating conditions, it is necessary to make the process control parameters reasonable, the reaction efficiency is improved, and the energy is fully utilized. And the quality of the product is general, manual sampling system accounts for a very important key factor, experience tells us that there are the following sampling considerations:

1. Gas Samplers must be sampled in real time, and the sampling point time avoids cross-contamination of fluids remaining at different times.

2. Gas Samplers must be safely sampled, subject to EPA's operational safety requirements, even under severe pressure, fluid volatility, toxicity, flammability, viscous and dirty materials.

3. Gas Samplers must comply with environmental protection requirements and reduce the need for hazardous and hazardous pollutants discharge and secondary treatment.

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