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Instrument Valves China Is A Plumbing Accessory

Released on Jan. 07, 2019

Instrument Valves China is a plumbing accessory. It is a device used to change the passage section and the direction of flow of the medium to control the flow of the conveying medium. Specifically, instrument valves have several uses:

(1) Switch on or off the medium in the pipeline. Such as Gate Valve, Globe Valve, Ball Valve, etc.

(2) Adjust and control the flow and pressure of the medium in the pipeline. Such as throttle valves, regulating valves, pressure reducing valves, safety valves, etc.

(3) Change the direction of the medium flow in the pipeline. Such as distribution valve, three-way cock, three-way or four-way ball valve.

(4) Prevent the media in the pipeline from flowing backwards. Such as various types of check valves, bottom valves, and the like.

(5) Separation medium. Such as a variety of different structures of steam traps, air traps and so on.

(6) Indicate and adjust the liquid level. Such as liquid level indicators, level regulators, etc.

(7) Other special purposes. Such as temperature control valve, overcurrent protection emergency shut-off valve.

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