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What Are The Features Of Liquefied Gas Samplers?

Released on Nov. 27, 2018

What are the features of Liquefied Gas Samplers? Let Liquefied Gas Samplers Manufacturer China tell you the answer today.

1. Operational safety - no leakage sampling and sealed connection. The sampling medium can be recycled back to the process or discharged to the flare system. It can avoid all kinds of toxic, harmful gases and liquids from harming the operator, not polluting the environment, and preventing flammable and explosive media from causing dangerous accidents during sampling.

2. Gas sealed sampler sampling is convenient - double self-sealing quick joint between the sampling cylinder and the process tube, the operation is simple, rapid and convenient.

3. Accurate sampling - sampling in the medium flow process, representative, strong sampling directly under the process operating conditions, high accuracy.

4. Gas sealed sampler is simple to install - box-mounted, flanged connection, can be directly connected to the process pipeline.

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