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Recent Developments In The Valve Industry

Released on Nov. 24, 2018

In China's current Valve Market, in addition to low-pressure valves have reached the level acceptable in the international market, high-pressure valves still rely on imports. In the situation that the macro economy continues to be optimistic, most of the production and sales indicators of the valve industry have maintained rapid growth, but due to the impact of price wars, the industry's sales revenue and profits have fallen sharply compared with last year. With the recovery of the world economy, the import and export of valve products in China has also increased, but the competition in the international valve market is also intensifying. Due to the large gap between high-end technology and large foreign manufacturers, in the future, electric control valve technology will become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's valve products. Therefore, improving the level and grade of valve products is the primary problem for the future development of China's valve industry. The sluggishness of the entire valve industry has led to the backwardness of China's valve products, which is an important factor restricting the development of China's valve products. In the previous “West-East Gas Transmission” project organized by the government, many local valve companies and “all of them passed by. Apart from the big environmental factors, some other factors, such as backward equipment and technology, low degree of specialization, and small market size. Such factors are also the bottleneck restricting the development of the valve industry. For the domestic valve industry, there is also a big gap between the mainland and the coastal areas. The starting point of the valve industry in the Mainland is low, the scale is small, the degree of specialization is low, and the degree of marketization is not high. The gap with the coastal area has also led to the unbalanced development of the domestic valve industry. The domestic valve industry should get rid of the current predicament, break through the bottleneck, seek new development space, and introduce foreign advanced equipment and advanced technology to arm In the fierce competition, it is necessary to take corresponding measures. It is reported that in the future, foreign capital will gradually enter the Chinese valve industry, which is undoubtedly a strong stimulus for the domestic valve industry. The status quo of industry development is flourishing, and the national support policy has given a big change, market demand It is also constantly increasing. Due to the fierce competition in the industry, the valve industry has made domestic valve related technologies better, but many interference factors indicate that the development prospects of the valve industry are not optimistic. For some competitive valve companies, through competition, the scale of enterprises changes. As the number is getting bigger and bigger, the popularity is getting higher and higher. But for some unskilled SMEs, they may face the risk of being merged or closed down. In the increasingly fierce valve market, they have the core. A competitive company can stand in the market, and innovation can become a weapon for enterprises to win the market.

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