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What Are The Operating Principles Of Liquefied Gas Samplers?

Released on Feb. 16, 2019

Liquefied Gas Samplers are suitable for the sampling, storage and transportation of ethylene, propylene, butadiene, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas and other gases and liquids under the same operating conditions. According to the customer's request, the inner wall is lined with anti-corrosion coating to prevent the trace elements in the gas sample from being adsorbed by the stainless steel surface, and the pressure gauge and the reserved volume tube and the anti-explosive film device are assembled. Connect the inlet of the Liquefied Gas Samplers to the connecting hose, close the control valve, the discharge valve and the inlet valve, open the valve at the sampling port, open the control valve and the discharge valve, and rinse the sampling tube with the sample; place it in an upright position. The outlet valve is at the top. When the connecting hose is flushed, the discharge valve and the inlet valve are closed, the control valve is opened, then the inlet valve is slowly opened, the outlet valve is opened, the liquid sample is partially filled with the container, and the control valve is closed. A portion of the gas phase sample is discharged from the outlet valve, the outlet valve is closed, and the residue of the liquid phase is discharged by opening the outlet valve, and the rinsing is repeated at least three times.

When the liquid residue of the last flushing liquefied gas sampler is discharged, immediately close the discharge valve, open the control valve and the inlet valve, fill the container with the liquid phase sample, close the inlet valve and the control valve, open the discharge valve, and wait until it is completely After the pressure is released, remove the connecting hose connected to the sampling port and the liquefied gas sampler.

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Customize Liquefied Gas Samplers

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