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What is the scope of application of instrument valves?

Released on Feb. 12, 2019

Instrument Valves has the advantages of connection fastening, convenient installation and disassembly, good protection against fire, high explosion-proof and pressure resistance, good sealing performance, etc. It is the preferred type of valve in power station, oil refining, chemical plant and instrument measuring pipeline.

When the user installs the instrument valve, the valve will be reversed if you do not pay attention. The direction of the arrow in the meter valve does not affect the meter reading, especially in the fully open state; however, it also has some effect, which is determined by the structure of the meter valve. Usually, the fluid in the valve body is designed to be in the process of lowering and going up. The valve core is on the upper side, that is, the fluid passes through the orifice of the valve seat first, and then flows upward through the gap with the valve core. The inner diameter of the valve seat and the valve core are composed. The throttle member acts as a regulator.

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