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Selection Principle Of PTFE Ball Valves

Released on Sep. 26, 2018

PTFE Ball Valves selection principle:

1. The main line for the transportation of oil and natural gas, the pipe that needs to be cleaned, and the underground pipe, the ball valve with full-diameter and all-welded structure; the ball valve buried in the ground and selected for full-diameter welding or flange connection ; branch pipe, flange connection, welded connection, full diameter or reduced diameter ball valve.

2. The conveying pipeline and storage equipment of the refined oil are selected from flanged ball valves.

3. On the pipelines of city gas and natural gas, float ball valves with flange connection and internal thread connection are selected.

4. In the oxygen pipeline system in the metallurgical system, a fixed ball valve that has undergone strict degreasing treatment and flange connection should be used.

5. For low temperature medium piping systems and devices, a low temperature ball valve with a bonnet should be used.

6. The lifting rod type ball valve can be selected on the piping system of the catalytic cracking unit of the refinery.

7. In the chemical system, such as the acid-base and other corrosive medium devices and piping systems, it is advisable to use all-stainless steel ball valves made of austenitic stainless steel and Teflon as the seat seal.

8. Metal-to-metal sealed ball valves are available on the piping systems or devices of high-temperature media in metallurgical systems, power systems, petrochemical plants, and urban heating systems.

9. When the flow adjustment is required, the worm gear-driven, pneumatic or electric adjustable ball valve with V-shaped opening can be selected.

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PTFE Ball Valves

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