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The Main Cause Of Leakage Of Instrument Valves

Released on Sep. 18, 2018

In Instrument Manifold Systems, Instrument Valves leaks both internal leakage and external leakage. The internal leakage mainly affects the function of the valve. The external leakage will not only cause the loss of the medium, but also cause accidents to the surrounding equipment and personnel, pollute the environment and affect the environment.

There are two main leaks in the Instrument Valves, one is the leakage at the valve body and the bonnet connection flange, and the other is the leakage at the packing.

The valve body and the bonnet connection flange are sealed by tightening the bolts, and the causes of the leakage are as follows:

1. The bolts are subject to stress relaxation due to thermal shock, resulting in insufficient pre-tightening of the bolts; or uneven bolting.

2. The hardness of the gasket is higher than that of the flange, or the aging failure or mechanical vibration causes the contact between the gasket and the flange joint surface to be not strict.

3. The contact surface is low in accuracy and corroded or leaking by the media.

4. The gasket is skewed during assembly, and the local pre-tightening force is excessive, exceeding the design limit of the gasket, resulting in insufficient partial pressure of the seal.

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