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Brief Introduction Of Instrument Valves

Released on May. 31, 2018

Instrument valve is a kind of pipeline accessory, and the universal instrument valve is made of stainless steel. It is a device used to change the path section and the medium flow direction to control the flow of the transport medium.

The seal performance of the instrument valve refers to the ability of the valve seals to prevent the media from leaking. It is the most important technical performance indicator of the instrument valve. There are three sealing parts of the instrument valve: the contact between the opening and closing part and the sealing surface of the valve seat; the fitting between the packing and the valve stem and the stuffing box; and the connection between the valve body and the valve cover. The leak in the former is called endoleak, which is usually referred to as lax, and it will affect the ability of the instrument valve to cut off the medium. For the cut-off valve class, endoleaks are not allowed. The last two leaks are called leaks, that is, the medium leaks from the valve to the outside of the valve. Leakage can cause material loss, pollute the environment and cause accidents when severe. For flammable, explosive, toxic or radioactive media, leakage is not allowed, so the instrument valve must have a reliable sealing performance.

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