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Sewage Disposal Precautions Of Instrument Valves

Released on Sep. 07, 2018

Instrument Valves China has two main tasks for regular sewage discharge, one is sewage discharge, and the other is regular purge. This work should be tailored to local conditions. Not all process instrumentation valves require regular blowdown.

Sewage is mainly for differential pressure transmitters, pressure transmitters, float level gauges, etc. Since the measurement medium contains dust, grease, and fine particles deposited in the pressure guiding tube, it directly or indirectly affects the measurement. The discharge cycle can be determined by the instrumentation personnel according to the practice. So what problems do you need to pay attention to when discharging sewage?

1. Before discharging the sewage, it must be contacted by the craftsman to obtain the approval of the craftsman;

2. Before the flow or pressure regulation system discharges the sewage, it should be automatically switched to manual to ensure that the opening of the regulating valve is unchanged;

3. For the differential pressure transmitter, the three-valve positive and negative pressure-receiving valve is closed before the sewage is discharged;

4. Place the container under the drain valve, slowly open the positive and negative pressure guiding tube drain valve, so that the materials and dirt enter the container to prevent the material from being directly discharged into the trench. Otherwise, it will pollute the environment and cause waste.

5. Due to the poor quality of the instrument valve, the valve of the sewage meter will be closed after several times. The emergency measure is to add a blind plate to ensure that the drain valve is not leaking, so as not to affect the measurement accuracy.

6. Open the three-valve positive and negative pressure-receiving valve, loosen the sewage (exhaust) screw on the body of the differential pressure transmitter for sewage discharge, and complete the tightening screw after the sewage discharge;

7. Observe the on-site indicator meter until the output is normal. If the system is adjusted, it will be switched manually and automatically.

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