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Advantages of Closed Sampling System

Released on Jun. 22, 2018

The closed sampling system solves the problem of toxicity, hazardous and volatile substances during sampling, protects the operator from the sample to be sampled, and completely seals the sample, preventing the sample from spilling and endangering the operator's personal safety and the environment. The hazards. Therefore, the advantages of the sealed sampler are obvious: to protect the personal safety of the operator; to protect the external environment from contamination: to avoid contamination of the sample sample, to ensure the accuracy of the sample: simple operation: standardization of all accessories, low maintenance costs: safe and reliable when sampling, Avoid spillage, cross-contamination, etc.

Closed samplers can meet the needs of the petrochemical laboratories for sampling, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology, and we are constantly developing new products to meet specific requirements or other industrial applications. Thanks to the use of the most advanced foreign accessories and installation technology, the closed sampler can meet the most stringent environmental, health and safety standards, whether it is a standard product or a specially-customized product. In addition to requiring that the selected accessories be tested 100 times, we must go through rigorous screening and testing before the complete set of installations. It is the last process that we have undergone rigorous quality monitoring to ensure that all products reach the customer before they reach the customer. And exceeds the most demanding quality standards in the world today.

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